MyMotors Helps Sponsor Junior Dragsters

September 24, 2019 - Broken Image

2019 IHRA division 5 Team Finals in Martin, Michigan helped some of the St Thomas Raceway Park Junior Dragster Racing Team. These young racers attended this prestigious event in Michigan recently.

The Canadian Team made the trip down south to take part in the US 131 Motorsports Track in Martin Michigan. The youngsters were chosen to represent St Thomas Raceway Park in a United States event. helped by suppling Official Team Shirts, boasting their Canadian Pride. They did extremely well and represented Canada in the usual, polite and courteous way.

At one point one of the Dragsters on 'Jay's Eh Team' broke an axel ..and still won that round.. everyone rushed in to help get it fixed.
Austin Ward wasted no time tearing into his car to pull out parts, that beyond everyone's belief, fit perfectly. The team stripped and fitted these parts in record time.

“Thanks to our Team, with their help, and speed. Rick was able to get his Dragster back to the starting line with only seconds to spare!”