Why this product is highly recommended is Your annual Rust Authority LS-3 application provides a protective barrier between your vehicle and the harsh elements of nature, and will STOP the corrosion process, even if rust has already begun.

This product is waxed based and not solvent based like the majority of other products, this means it does NOT damage any rubber or existing seals.

The Rust Authority LS-3 is a tested and proven rust preventative coating that contains no solvents or toxic chemicals, providing clean, safe and durable protection from rust and corrosion.

The unique chemistry displaces moisture which means The Rust Authority LS-3 can be applied in any weather condition.

BONUS: Your driveway will thank you because The Rust Authority LS-3 WILL NOT DRIP!

NOTE: Application of The Rust Authority LS-3 to non-metal body panels is not recommended or necessary.

The Facts

  • Solvent Free
  • Does not Drop (environmentally friendly)
  • Can be Applied In Any Weather Condition
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Outstanding Penetration & Creep-ability
  • Odour Free
  • Thermally Stable
  • Displaces Moisture
  • Excellent performance in salt fog test

Brief History Of The Rust Authority:
Established in 1975, our over 3 decades of experience have forged us into a respected leader in Rust Prevention, and Automotive Protection.


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